Ten Marketing Research Ideas To Help Grow Your Business


Idea #7 - Include a measure of customer "trust" as part of the overall measure of customer satisfaction.


The growing distrust that many consumers are exhibiting toward several facets of our society signals the potential need for evaluating the client's brand reputation vs. competitive brands in the area of customer trust. The idea of increasing customer trust is critical to the long-term health of any company since it can serve as a foundation for maintaining and building a continuing relationship of repeat business.


A survey by the Gallup Organization in 2003 asked a large, national sample of consumers if they "trusted" any of the occupations shown on a list. The results shown below indicate that very few consumers feel they can trust business people whether they are executives, lawyers or sales persons. We see this as an important opportunity for any business to distinguish its representatives from the competition by going beyond customer satisfaction to customer trust.


The "Trust" Factor


Percentage saying they trust:


               Physicians                                                  6

Nurses 83%

Clergy 56%

Business executives 18%

Lawyers 16%

Insurance salespeople 12%

Car salespeople 7%

NOTE: Results of a national poll by Gallup in 2003 .


Clearly, any company that is committed to strengthening its customer relationship initiative (CRM) must maintain an ongoing effort to track the "trust" it instills in its customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders.