Ten Marketing Research Ideas To Help Grow Your Business


Idea #6 - Use a more "strategic" approach to data analysis.

There are two basic philosophies regarding the analysis of research data. One is called the "descriptive" approach that provides a static description of the data, percentages and other related findings without giving any interpretations or conclusions. In contrast to this philosophy is the "strategic" approach that is far more dynamic and creative because it strives to design research that yields actionable results and solid direction instead of an endless myriad of detailed findings that fail to enlighten marketing management. In short, this second philosophy attempts to answer practical questions, such as . . . "Based on the research findings we just obtained, what action should be taken starting Monday morning?


Indeed, a dedicated commitment to stressing "actionable" results rather than merely "any" results dramatically increases the opportunity to uncover fresh, creative insights which can realistically lead to the types of positive, continuous improvements that most companies surely seek.


Another characteristic of this "strategic" philosophy is that the team of research professionals has been trained to be extremely alert and flexible with respect to making "mid-course" revisions during any facet of the research process. For example, a marketing research study that was originally designed to investigate the perceptions and needs of "competitive customers" might be revised during the course of the research to include a sub-sample of "former" customers who were dissatisfied with some portion of their overall experience. Getting a clearer picture of how things "went wrong" can often lead to new ideas for making more things "go right" in the future.


This emphasis on a more creative and flexible approach to marketing research means that no study is simply put into place and left on "cruise control." Instead, every facet is monitored closely to ensure that the emerging results are not only meaningful, but also actionable with respect to the study objectives.